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Parkinson’s In-Home Care by Senior Buddies in Dallas, TX

Senior Buddies offers Parkinson’s In-Home care services together with our professional caregivers who specialize and are experts in this care. We are available 24/7 to provide home care in the comfort and safety of your home. Senior Buddies of Dallas can assist your family and your senior loved one in any situation. Call one of our Home Care managers for your free home care consultation. 

When a senior is diagnosed with Parkison’s Disease, the life of an elderly person changes forever. It is an overwhelming and devastating condition that slowly takes the ability of the person to move with coordination and considerably affects everything in their daily living activities. Actor Michael J. Fox, a famous person with Parkinson’s Disease, has lived and has been facing the condition for ages. The doctor diagnosed it in 1990 when he was only 30 years old. Michael J. Fox is now 53 years old. He has been very active in advocating for people and seniors living with Parkinson’s. He started a foundation- The Michael J Fox Foundation that funds research finding a cure for this neurological disease. Seniors who suffer from this illness in their late-stage can benefit from having assistance in the way of in-home care. 

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a mobility disorder that progresses gradually over time. It is often linked with tremors, but also causes muscle stiffness, slowing of mobility, and incomprehensible speech. The symptoms of this illness are progressive and chronic; they get worse over time. Simple daily living activities may become challenging for a person living with this condition. 

If you are not familiar with it, here are some quick things to keep in mind: 

  • More than 1 million Americans are living and diagnosed with Parkison’s Disease
  • There is no cure, but there are some helpful treatments to manage it well
  • Doctors and scientists are developing new medication all the time
  • Researchers have become busier than ever trying to look for a cure

What can Senior Buddies Dallas, TX do to help?

Your loved one may need support and assistance to stay in shape and independent. Continuously adapting to day-to-day processes is demanding, and Senior Buddies can help make the transition easy by strictly monitoring your senior loved one. The primary focus of our caregivers is to help your senior loved ones as they adapt to limited movements. 

Parkinson’s care can focus on:

Meal Planning and Preparation – With tremors, planning and preparing healthy and nutritious meals becomes a problem.

Help With Bathing, Dressing, and Grooming – With rigid muscles and joints, getting dressed and undressed becomes challenging. Also, it becomes hard to bathe and groom at the same time. Help from a home care provider can speed up, as well as with ease, the process. 

Support with and Promote Regular Exercise – According to some research, regular exercise may help fight the early symptoms of Parkison’s. Senior Buddies, your home care provider, ensures your senior loved one is getting ample exercise. As we follow the doctor’s recommendation, we help them with how often and how intense the exercise is and assist them during the process. 

Mobility – Sometimes, some patients have a drop in blood pressure when suddenly getting up; thus, it is helpful to have a caregiver assisting your loved one. It is to ensure they do not fall. 

Help With Feeding Due To Tremors – Even the simplest task, like bringing the soup near to the mouth can be a problem with excessive tremors. It is significant to note and learn that some seniors with Parkison’s disease have difficulties swallowing, so making healthy food that is easy to take is essential to remain healthy. 

Supervision and Security. Several patients with Parkison’s Disease are older adults, when they may be getting unstable on their feet. An uncertain motion that comes with Parkinson’s can allow challenges, but our caregivers know how to help your senior loved ones safe by placing safety checks inside the house. Our caregivers will go through your home and assist you with the needs that require changes, so the risk of trips or falls is minimal. 

Massage Therapy – Rigid joints and muscles can benefit from regular massage therapy to keep circulation flowing freely.

Relieving Family Members. It might be the most vital service of all-giving the restless family caregiver a deserved rest. Parkinson’s Disease can be both tiring and challenging in those times when everybody is getting used to the challenges and changes and learning how to deal with new normal. Our dedicated caregivers can bring rest and expertise to tired families while keeping their loved one comfortable and safe! We are here to help you; we are a family in Senior Buddies. 

People with Parkison’s Disease have various symptoms that can hinder day-to-day living activities. It is a progressive and chronic disease that becomes worse over time. Sometimes along with tremors, mobility issues, stiff muscles, and joints, a person can develop dementia. It makes the condition more difficult. There is no cure yet for this disease, but with the proper medications and in-home care, an elder can still have an upright and better quality of life. 

No matter how severe the case may be, Senior Buddies in Dallas, TX, is confident in bringing help to your senior loved ones. If you need to get some details about this illness, we can be your go-to source for Parkinson’s care. Remember, accurate information can help you understand the condition before you stress out yourself. We will equip you with the correct information. 

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