Hospital to Home Care Dallas

A Customized Hospital to Home Care Plan 

One of the leading reasons for hospital readmission or slow post-recovery is the lack of support following the hospital discharge. Whether you are moving the care through a medical care facility or rehabilitation or transitioning directly to go home after a hospitalization, in-home care is a vital source for a successful and safe recovery. 

The first 72 hours following a hospital stay or procedure draw a vulnerable and crucial time for the patient, often including a new diagnosis or changes in daily practices, needed medications, meal adjustments, recovery exercises, and more. 

Our trained and professional caregivers can transport your loved one home from the hospital or care facility, giving vital assistance during an often challenging and stressful time. Once home, our dedicated caregivers continue to provide health monitoring, medication reminders, companionship, and emotional support to help your senior loved one recover successfully. 

People who use to get hospital care are commonly either: 

  • A current patient in the hospital- wishing to go home shortly after being discharged. 
  • Due to hospital admission, and will require support after the hospitalization.  
  • The patient requires help or practical advice about returning home safely after the hospital discharge. 
  • The patient has already gone home and needed additional support following a hospital stay.

Whatever the needs of your aging loved one. Senior Buddies Dallas can give you customized hospital-to-home care services aligned to the specific needs of your loved one. We design our plan to meet your expectations and unique needs. 

How is hospital-to-home care given?

Senior Buddies provide assistance and support following a hospital discharge under scheduled hospital visits for a listed operation; it could be major surgery or a minor one, or we can assist them on short notice on an emergency basis. Our professional Home Care Managers will work with you along the way, your family and other healthcare agencies to make sure you can return home safely and enjoy your life at home. We want to ensure you can be relieved and have peace of mind in the safety and comfort of your home. You can work with physicians, occupational therapists, nurses, caregivers, and social workers, too. 

We offer a free assessment based on the particular needs of your loved one in the hospital upon coming home, which we can use on how to respond to the needs of your loved one. This assessment will be the guide, so our caregiver can assist your loved one at home properly. Moreover, the evaluation may help your senior loved one to recover quickly. Our caregivers can work hand in hand with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and other healthcare agencies. 

Aside from post-recovery support, our in-home caregivers assist your loved ones in their daily living activities at home. 

Senior Buddies’ Hospital-to-Home Care Package

Our hospital-to-home care plan supports families in managing the discharge process, offers a smooth transition from hospital to home, and encourages efficient and effective recovery.  

  • Customized Care Plan
  • Consultation
  • Assistance in transportation, especially the first critical transition
  • Recovery reminders, physical and emotional support, and companionship
  • Assistance in transporting to recovery sessions, doctor visits, and personal engagements
  • Regular updates to/from the family and the care team

Lifestyle Support and Personal Care Assistance 

  • Support with positioning, walking and transferring from wheelchair to bed
  • Assistance in bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and incontinence
  • Run errands, go shopping, grocery shopping, prescription pick-up
  • Lighthousekeeping, including washing the dishes and doing laundry
  • Medication reminders
  • Update the family
  • Safety and fall prevention

Residential Care or Home Care?

The decision to transition into a rehabilitation facility after a recent hospital discharge or returning to a comfortable environment as your home relies on the wishes of your loved ones and their unique needs. Many aging loved ones choose to stay home with the help of expert home caregivers, where the care plan is customized to their specific needs, often involving professional inputs from healthcare experts such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, or occupational therapists. The personalized care plan can be hourly home care, where a licensed caregiver will arrive in your home at various times in the day or a full-time caregiver to ensure you receive the assistance 24/7. Rehabilitation at home can be advantageous: 

  • A seamless transition
  • Comfortable and familiar environment
  • Personalized activities
  • More customized one-to-one home care
  • Trusted and confident

At Senior Buddies, we are compassionate and committed to the safety and health of our clients we are glad to serve. Many clients come to our office after getting discharged from the hospital. These clients are referred by social workers, discharge planners, doctors, and case managers; healthcare agencies know that transitioning from hospital to home can be difficult for the patients and their families. As we said above, one of the causes of readmission is having a lack of support as soon the patient gets discharged. Senior Buddies, as one of the leading experts in hospital-to-home care, creates a care plan to give an overview of the challenges and difficulties connected to the transition. Remember, we are with you during this challenging time. We are professionals that are available to support and help your family and your loved one. We can make sure that the needs of your loved ones are met and given. Senior Buddies hope for a fast, safe, successful hospital-to-home care transition. For more detail about the hospital-to-home care transition, you can contact us TODAY. You can also visit our website. Let us help you! 

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