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Compassionate Dementia Care For Senior Adults In Dallas, Tx

It is common for families to feel bewildered when they first discover their aging loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia. Besides the worries they have for their aging loved ones, they suddenly need to plan the best possible ways to give the best dare as the disease progresses. Many families want to get the responsibilities themselves; yet, the difficulties of looking after a loved one with a progressive and devastating disease such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s are often manageable if given proper care and companionship. Luckily, help is just one call away. For many families, getting professional assistance from in-home care can create a sense of hope and possibility. At Senior Buddies in Dallas, our seasoned and professional caregivers assist and support seniors with Dementia to keep their respect and dignity while staying in the safety and comfort of their homes. Our advanced holistic care improves cognitive health, relieves anxiety, and aims to let seniors have an active lifestyle as much independence as they can.

Dementia In Home Care San Antonio

What are the symptoms of Dementia? 

Dementia is an umbrella term that classifies several conditions that result in cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s disease is one particular form of Dementia that affects seniors. According to some studies, 60 to 80 percent of seniors suffer from this condition. Regardless of the form, affected seniors will experience a progressive cognitive decline. The symptoms begin mild, usually with random lapses in short-term memory, yet those affected will be less conscious of their environment and the people around them. 

It is significant to catch the symptoms early so you can make sure that your aging loved one receives the proper treatment. Adults affected by this disease or condition will experience a better quality of life if they get help from the beginning of their symptoms. Let us look at the following and common red flags of Alzheimer’s and dementia:

  • Forgetfulness: Memory loss is a symptom that is commonly linked to this condition, and it starts with simple and occasional lapses of short-term memory. It may be hard to say if these memory lapses are just part of aging or a sign of dementia. If your senior loved one experiences constant lapses in short-term memory, this may be a warning sign of the disease.  
  • Wandering: Seniors who have Alzheimer’s and dementia regularly wander due to uncertainty. They try to figure out where they are going, or perhaps looking for a thing or a person. 
  • Agitation: Many seniors who suffer from these conditions increase limitations which can feel agitated or frustrated. Thus disappointment often shows as a surge of trouble. 
  • Incontinence: As the disease progresses, incontinence happens in the later stage of the disease. Those seniors who are affected lose control of their bodies, resulting in some issues like incontinence. 

Our skilled and expert dementia in-home caregivers have experience in responding to these symptoms. We will prevent these symptoms by keeping them comfortable and safe. We will help those seniors who start to wander to assure their safety, utilize positive care reinforcement to alleviate and stop mood swings and agitation. 

Dementia Caregivers Dedicated To Care With Respect And Dignity

The committed Dementia caregivers from Senior Buddies in Dallas, TX, have much experience and expertise. These experiences and training allow them to provide the best care to seniors with this condition and give it with kindness and empathy. Seniors with declining cognitive abilities require constant mental stimulation, and a skilled in-home caregiver who has comprehensive training in dementia care can be a helpful support. In-home caregivers also improve emotional health by giving companionship to seniors with the condition, who often experience loneliness, anxiety, isolation, and depression. Our dedicated in-home caregivers support seniors to have better lives, happier and healthier lives, so they focus on all aspects that make a whole person, physical, emotional, and mental. 

We are happy to help your senior loved ones with daily living activities, including: 

  • Bathing, grooming, dressing, and incontinence
  • Meal Planning and Meal Preparations
  • Medication Reminders
  • Run errands and grocery shopping 
  • Light housekeeping, such as dishes and laundry

Some seniors with Dementia can stay independent for a long time, while some need continuous help and monitoring with their daily living activities. No matter what your aging loved ones need, Senior Buddies can help. We offer both 24-hour in-home care and hourly care. We can create a customized plan that matches the specific needs of your family. With our committed caregivers who come in for a few days or more with your loved one 24/7, we ensure your loved one is always comfortable and safe. 

Caring For People With Dementia At Home In Dallas, Tx

With many years of experience taking care of seniors who have dementia, we know how tough and emotionally challenging it can be. Our relationship-centered program equips our caregivers to give expert care that:

  • Honors who the senior was earlier in life
  • Strengthens self-esteem and improves physical strength
  • Keeps a routine to counteract agitation and other dementia-related behaviors
  • Stimulates the brain and boosts cognitive engagement
  • Keeps a safe environment
  • Manages to change dementia-related behaviors
  • Plans events for social interaction
  • Decreases the feelings of isolation and despair

Specialized Methods Boost Cognitive Health

We train our dementia caregivers at Senior Buddies in Dallas, tx, in an advanced cognitive approach. It is an activity-based program that stimulates mental health with fun and enjoyable brain tools, including puzzles and games. It targets activities that boost brain activity, hones mental focus, and slow the rate of declining cognitive abilities, and the opportunity to finish new tasks promoting confidence.  

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Families looking after a loved one with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can benefit from our dementia care services. We offer a free in-home assessment to form an efficient and customized care plan that matches the needs of your loved ones and their conditions. Call us today for more information about Dementia care services in Dallas, TX, and surrounding communities.